Paul Flora

Flora, Paul (1926 – 2009)
Austrian draughtsman and graphic artist

Born June 29th in Glurns/South Tyrol. 1927 Moves to North Tyrol. Painting and etching courses with Max von Esterle & Andreas Einberger (Innsbruck school days). From 1942 studies at Schinnerer & Gulbransson in Munich. 1944/1945 soldier. Freelance since 1945. Visits Alfred Kubin in Zwickledt/ Upper Austria and begins an artistically fruitful friendship until Kubin’s death.
First solo exhibition 1945 in Bern, first book 1947. In the early days numerous book illustrations. 1948 member of the Art-Club/Vienna, from 1953 collaboration with the Diogenes-Verlag/Zurich. 1957 – 1971 weekly drawings in the Hamburg weekly magazine “Die Zeit”. Contributor to international newspapers such as “The Observer”, “The Times Literary Supplement”, “Du”, “Dagens Nyheter” and many more. From 1964 to 1992 he curated exhibitions for the municipal Taxis-Galerie in Innsbruck. > see also: Paul Flora’s Curriculum.

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Highlights from the store

Paul Flora Ohne Titel (Mond hinter Wolken)

Untitled (Moon Behind Clouds)


Pen and ink drawing






Paul Flora Einschreib-Kalender 2024

Calendar 2024


Enrolment calendar for the year 2024 / 48 x 22.5 cm


Paul Flora Victory - Defeat Sonderdruck

Victory – Defeat