Authenticity & Forgery

CAUTION: Not every source sells real “floras”!

Everything that is offered very cheaply is most likely wrong! But we can’t give you a recommendation, because in order to expertize a forgery for sure, we need to have the sheet in our hands.
Basically, CAUTION is always required with “bargains”!

Exempt from any suspicion and therefore completely harmless is, of course, the estate representation:

Examples of Flora forgeries

In many other websites (especially ebay, etc) often fakes and misnomers are offered. Unfortunately, since Paul Flora’s passing, forgeries of his work have proliferated, and all too often auctions (especially internet platforms like ebay etc) are responsible for their proliferation. We try with all our might to prevent shenanigans with Paul Flora works, but not in all cases we know about such machinations.

Here are some examples of forgeries of Flora works:

1. two childish fakes from the Naschmarkt in Vienna. Roma stalls sell these for cheap money, but have been warned off.

Flora fake drawing 01

Flora fake drawing 02

2. forgery after a postcard – was sent to us in half-torn condition.

Fake postcard torn

3. forgery print – a simple invitation print was signed and numbered by someone else’s hand; exhibition imprint on the reverse.

Flora print forgery

Against counterfeiting: Our services

Where we know it, we take action against it with all our might! To curb this emerging problem, we offer the following service:

a) If you have a Expertise of your purchased Paul Flora – work we can issue them to you for 5% of the value including current valuation (Note: So-called certificates of authenticity offered by dealers are only worthless paper; a dealer guarantees with the invoice for the authenticity according to his conscience anyway and has the obligation to take back with full purchase price refund even in case of proof to the contrary). The prerequisite for this is that we must have the work in our hands (Salzburg).

Read more: Expertises

b) If your sheet turns out to be a forgery, we will offer the expertise free of charge, provided that you can make the distributor nameable and credible to us, and after that we will also help you to get your right.

c) The same applies to mislabeling of posters (offset prints) that are overpriced and sold as color lithographs, offset lithographs, lithographs or similar misleading mislabeling. The estate representation of an artist is always the highest instance for a guarantee of authenticity!
In your own interest, pay attention to the seriousness of the supplier, cheap purchases are 95% bad purchases.
If you are unsure about a Flora item you are interested in or have already purchased, please email us and we will be happy to provide you with helpful advice.

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