Paul Flora

Original Frame Paul Flora 30×40 cm

Frame 40×50



Only together with a picture! Fits small (and rarely) medium etchings.
This frame is black, open-pored, 1.5 cm wide. Flora used this framework in all his exhibitions. The diagonal cut passe-partout is included, as well as the entire production when you pick it up. We do not assume any liability for the glass in shipping.
The frame order delays delivery by 7 to 10 days.
Assembly after shipment: 1. Open the bending plates and remove the back wall 2. Clean the glass with window cleaner 3. Insert the picture already hung in the passe-partout, then insert the back wall with the hanger facing upwards 4. Hold the back wall in the image carrier, turn it over and search for lint etc 5. Once everything is clean, turn it back again and bend the bending plates 6. Clean the glass at the front, hang it up, and you're done
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